Welcome to Wedding Niggunim.  This website contains information about Jewish weddings and recordings of music you are likely to find at them. There are many interwoven Jewish musical traditions and I am only versed in a small subset of them. Most of these melodies are from Askenazi (historically European) communities in North America and Israel. I would be very happy if someday we get good coverage of other Jewish musical traditions. In the meantime, I hope these resources will be helpful to you whether you are a guest at a Jewish wedding, an interested party, or perhaps even a wedding participant yourself.

For simplicity’s sake I have divided the music into two sections: Ritual and Celebratory. Things in the ritual section are specifically related to the pre-ceremony or ceremonial elements of the wedding. This in the Celebratory section are not explicitly part of the rituals so much as part of the culture of wedding celebration. Music in the Celebratory section are festive and can be used in many different ways in the context of expressing joy.

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4 04 2011
Joshua Swinburne

I’m particularly interested in the Birka Hamazon at a wedding feast.

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